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If you have received iGo Gift Vouchers that you haven't yet used - you still can! You have 12 months from issue date (found printed on your voucher) to spend your vouchers. Find your local bike shop that accepts iGo Gift Vouchers here and get your hands on the latest cycle commuter gear. 

Check back here soon for more exciting offers and initiatives from Grass Roots Group. Grass Roots Group are the people behind Cyclescheme; the UK’s leading cycle to work benefit provider.

Cyclescheme is the simple way to get a brand new bike, make a huge saving (at least 25%!) whilst spreading the cost. Cyclescheme is perfect for anyone who wants to or already does cycle commute! New cyclists can get a brand new bike and accessories (including lights, locks, clothing and a helmet) to help kick start their new travel choice. Those already in the saddle can take advantage of an accessory only package and enjoy the same great tax savings (at least 25%).

Find out more and get started with Cyclescheme at