What is an iGo Gift Voucher?
An iGo Gift Voucher can be redeemed against cycles and cycling equipment in up to 1,600 independent bike stores across the UK. If you have a family member, friend or colleague who's into cycling it can be difficult to know what they'd like. Now you don't have to guess: you can choose a value and they can choose the gear. You get to give a gift, they get to buy what they really want, at their local bike shop. Everyone's happy!

Where can I redeem an iGo Gift Voucher?
iGo Gift Vouchers are associated with Cyclescheme, the tax-free bikes for work people. You can redeem your voucher in up to 1,600 bikes stores that are participating members of Cyclescheme all over the UK. To find your nearest partner stores, just go to the iGo Gift Vouchers home page at www.igogiftvouchers.co.uk and type your postcode – or the postcode of the voucher recipient – into the store locator. You'll see a list of the nearest participating stores.

How long will it take for my voucher to arrive?
Vouchers are processed and despatched within 24 hours following receipt of your order. Orders will be despatched by Royal Mail 1st Class Post for order values up to £100. Order values of £101 - £250 will be despatched by DX Secure Mail, and orders of £251 - £500 will be despatched by DX Mandatory Signature Service. It shouldn't take more than 3-4 working days for your voucher to arrive dependant of the despatch method used. You can track the status of your order using the link that was sent to you in your confirmation email.

I ordered a voucher but it hasn't arrived. Where is it?
When you placed your order, you were sent a confirmation email. The email contains a record of your order, and also a link to a unique page on the iGo gift vouchers site where you can track your order status. If you didn't receive the email, please check your spam folder. If you can't find the email, head over to www.igogiftvouchers.co.uk/order/track – you can enter your email address into the form and we'll send you the email again.

Can I send the voucher directly to the recipient?
At the moment it's not possible to do this, as our credit check system requires that we send all vouchers to the billing address of the cardholder.

I've received a voucher - how long do I have to spend it?
iGo Gift Vouchers are vaild for 12 months from the date of issue. Your voucher will have the expiry date printed on the lower left hand 'stub'. Make sure you spend it by then!

What happens when I spend the voucher?
When you receive your iGo Gift Voucher it will be in three perforated sections; there's a top section with the purchasers name and delivery address details, a middle section with a personal message from the sender and a two-part bottom section that's the voucher itself. The purchaser keeps the top section, the recipient (that’s you) keeps the personalised message in the middle section and take the bottom two-part voucher to the partner store to redeem it. The partner store will keep the complete bottom section as the method of payment and detach the stub section to invalidate the voucher for security purposes and maintain the main body of the voucher for their records.

Can I use my voucher in conjunction with cash or a credit card?
Yes: if you want to use your iGo Gift Voucher to buy something that's more expensive than the voucher value then you will be able to pay the difference in the normal way.

Can I use my voucher in conjunction with other offers or vouchers?
iGo Gift Vouchers are equivalent to cash, and you shouldn't have any problems using a voucher to pay for sale goods or other reduced items. If a partner store is running another offer, or accepting another kind of voucher, it's their discretion as to whether to accept an iGo Gift Voucher as payment.

How does using the voucher affect returns and refunds?
Your statutory rights are unaffected when you use an iGo Gift Voucher as payment. If you decide to return your purchased items for a refund, the partner store may elect to give you a credit note or their own store voucher as a refund.

Can I use my voucher for an online purchase?
Some partner stores have online retail facilities. However, at the moment it isn't possible to use your iGo Gift Voucher to buy products online.

Can I use my voucher to buy non-cycling products?
Yes, assuming that it's an item sold in a partner store. Some partner stores sell non-cycling products, for example equipment for other sports. An iGo Gift Voucher is essentially the same as a cash purchase, so if the store is putting the purchase through the till then it doesn't really matter what it's for.

I've ripped/separated/defaced my voucher, is it still valid?
If you've separated the two parts of the voucher (the stub and the body of the voucher) then each carries the unique voucher code, so that shouldn't be a problem. If your voucher has been damaged in any other way then acceptance is at the discretion of the partner store, as it would be in the case of a damaged banknote.

I've lost my voucher, can I get a replacement?
Sorry but we can't replace a lost voucher, so keep it safe!